The I'm Thankful Four was started 14 years ago in Wakarusa, Indiana as a way for friends to get together, run, and celebrate Thanksgiving. The morning would always start with the circle of friends taking turns reciting what they were thankful for. Then they would run four miles.


This run started to focus on gathering with friends and give thanks. Today we run in memory of Kelsey Mikel who tragically died in a car accident at the age of 16.


The proceeds of this run go towards the Kelsey Mikel Memorial Foundation which generously donates scholarships to college-bound high school seniors. Through the 11 years of this event, nearly $70,000 has been donated.


The organizers of this event strongly promote organ donation. Kelsey's memory lives on through the lives of the four individuals that her donation saved. Her tissue donation save countless other lives and we urge you to become a donor today.

Kelsey reminds us that there is so much more to life than expensive races with trendy themes, sophisticated timing systems, and media hype. We never keep track of your time or placement and we keep the cost low so that you can focus on what matters - being thankful for everything that you have been given.

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Indiana is our original event. Each year, we welcome nearly 1,000 participants. For many, this race has become a Thanksgiving tradition that can't be missed. This is the race that you'll find the Mikel family.

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This year is the third annual Colorado edition of I'm Thankful Four. With a simple e-mail, this race started with the same spirit of community as the Indiana race 12 years ago. We expect to have between 50 - 75 people this year. This race is hosted by the Hoovers, long time friends of the Mikel family.

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Remote Locations

Every year many runners join us from remote locations. We understand that the holidays can be tough to travel to Indiana or Colorado but we appreciate that you join us in spirit. Sign up today to donate and keep us posted on how your run goes through our Facebook page.